Elin Wyn

Wednesday 28th July 2021

Journalism Training

I have 24 years experience as a BBC journalist, in both television and radio, news, current affairs and political programming. In 1999 I established the unique, bilingual, live broadcasting service from the National Assembly for Wales on the digital channel S4C2. I was also in charge of organising BBC Wales’ election news coverage in 2003 and 2005.

My specialist expertise is election planning and reporting and the media portrayal of women in politics.

In May 2011 I organised and facilitated a course for Tunisian journalists preparing to cover the first free and democratic elections in the country after the revolution in January 2001. The EU funded course was delivered in Cardiff with the Thomson Foundation during the week of the National Assembly for Wales election. You can read about the course here.

I have also led election planning and reporting workshops in Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana and Swaziland. These workshops have been delivered on behalf a variety of organisations including the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA), UNESCO and the South Asia Free Media Association (SAFMA)

As well as election training I have delivered a workshop of the Ethics of Journalism in Kuwait to the Kuwaiti Journalists Association in conjunction with the British Council, Freedom House and the Thomson Foundation. The outcome of the workshop was the creation of the first ever Code of Ethics for journalists in Kuwait.

The journalism training workshop broadened my mind on the role of the journalist.

Elin Wyn is a lovely resource person and you can never get bored listening to her. She was able to reach each participant on a one-to-one basis. She was very relaxed and warm.

Everything that has been taught will be implemented in my programmes.

I have seen how I can go about to produce a political programme especially one that can be attractive to the general public, enlighten, educate and even make coalition between rival parties.

Initially I thought it would just be another talking shop. But at the end of the course we drew up specific action plans that are measurable and achievable and I was really encouraged and motivated.

I saw the power of the media in bringing things, ideas to reality.
I was able to see that women have a role to play in the political development of a nation.


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